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Organic Rice Proteins are a great tasting vegetable protein that are free of the common food allergens normally associated with products such as soy, milk, egg, wheat and yeast. In fact in the world of organic proteins, there are not many that are truly hypoallergenic. This is one of the reasons that Organic Rice Proteins are fast becoming the most preferred source of nutrients. These Organic Rice Proteins are extracted through a natural process from non-genetically modified polished rice and no chemicals or high temperatures are used during processing phase. This 100% organic method keeps the beneficial qualities of Organic Rice Protein intact. An organic method generally narrates a way of derivation where an element is extorted without using artificial ingredients like pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). So when it comes to Organic Rice Proteins, they are certified 100% organic only if they are derived from a cold press, water extraction/milling process that does not use solvents, hexane or other artificial elements.

Generally, organic proteins include both plant proteins and animal proteins, and the proteins may be fresh or processed depending upon the methods of production, sources and consumer perception. In case of Organic Rice Proteins, they are a high protein vegan alternative to soy and animal products and help in detoxification of our systems. In human applications, this Organic Rice Protein is suitable for use by those with food allergies and has even been used for tube feeding of infants, the elderly and the severely ill. Organic Rice Proteins are also suitable for people who have gastrointestinal sensitivity to other proteins. They have a mild flavor and are easily digested. Moreover, Organic Rice Proteins are also a high quality source of critical amino acids. Extracted from non-GMO, certified organic rice using a proprietary enzyme process, these Organic Rice Proteins are substantially higher in the essential amino acids than most vegetable based protein sources. For this reason, recent studies by the modern dieticians have compared the Organic Rice Proteins to mother’s breast milk in the aspect of its nutritious quality and also for the high quantity of amino acid that is common in both rice protein and breast milk. Nowadays, these organic protein sources have proved to be effective in increasing the protein and nutritional content of baked goods, pasta, energy bars, beverages and various other meal-replacement recipes. Further, Organic Rice Proteins are also highly low in ash content, which makes it ideal for controlling ash level in cat and dog foods too.

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