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Rice Protein Concentrate is an all-vegan source of protein with natural fiber. It consists of primarily soluble fiber, which is associated with lowering of calorie count and cholesterol levels. Rice Protein Concentrate also mixes well with milk or fruit juice and tastes good because it is naturally sweet without any added sugar. As a result, Rice Protein Concentrate is the best available alternative protein source for diabetics, vegetarians and diet-conscious people who prefer to consume foodstuff produced by organic methods. Each serving of Rice Protein Concentrate in any sorts of food, solid or liquid, guarantees you a low fat and cholesterol-free diet. Recently the popularity of Rice Protein Concentrate has ballooned due to their effectiveness in dietary regimes and the rising utilization in low-carb reformulation. So, it has become a regular ingredient to pancake mix, cereal, cookie dough and other baking mixes. This organic product, bereft of any artificial or chemical content, is also presently being used in non-dairy drinks, as well as sports and recovery drinks. For your daily intake at home, simply mix one or more servings of Rice Protein Concentrate into a glass of water or juice, or add to your favorite recipes. 

Generally prepared from GM-free rice, Rice Protein Concentrate is perhaps the only hypo allergic vegan protein substance and this is the vital reason for its wide success in the world of proteins. In fact, Rice Protein Concentrate is the most economical and high quality meal supplement ingredient available in market that offers several nutritional qualities. This happens due to its main ingredient, rice. Rice is the most popular cereal grain in the world and provide more than one fifth of the calories consumed by humans. It is also a well-accepted form of organic protein and is a necessary component for the growth of the body and strengthening the elemental components of the living cells. Naturally, Rice Protein Concentrate is regarded as a highly nutritious protein source and is free from the allergens commonly associated with soy, egg, milk yeasts and other grains. It also contains the complex carbohydrate structure embedded in rice as a grain, which helps in to sustain the energy level long after your last meal. Rice Protein Concentrate is usually extracted through a natural process from non-genetically modified polished rice, which results in a cream colored powder with a minimum 70% protein content. At present, Rice Protein Concentrate is available in the market in three sizes; MF 500 = 100% through 325 mesh, MF 100 = 50% through 325 mesh and MF 200 = 90% through 40 mesh.

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