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Rice Protein Concentrates

Rice Protein Concentrates are a delicious, tangy indulgence that’s not only refreshing but also healthful. You seem to get energy and vital nutrients in every mouthful of this lively supplement. With a unique mix of carbohydrates, organic rice protein and fiber, Rice Protein Concentrates are a convenient source of energy for any activity. Further, Rice Protein Concentrates deliver the internal boost you need without unwanted crash and burn in your diet and calorie. They are high in protein, excellent source of fiber and contain no components that can disturb your health profile. So, if you're hungry and there’s no time to gorge in a full-course meal, a glass of protein drink or other meal replacements consisting of Rice Protein Concentrates is the best way to keep yourself energized for a long period. Today they are regarded as an excellent bearer of vegan, hypoallergenic, whole grain protein with a wide application base in the nutraceutical, functional food and drinks industries. 

Rice Protein Concentrates are made with quality organic ingredients that provide a balance of complex carbohydrates, complete protein, multi source fiber and other healthy nutrients derived from rice. Organic and gluten-free, these are perhaps the best form of proteins that are derived from plants and not animals. In common terms, protein signifies a group of complex macromolecules that contains hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and other elements. It is a necessary component for the ideal functioning of a human body and also plays a vital part in repairing of tissue. On other hand, rice is the most popular cereal grain in the world and provide more than one fifth of the calories consumed by humans. Several vital nutrients, carbohydrates being the most dominant one, remain stored in the tiny grains of rice. So, when the highly valued components of protein are extracted from rice, Rice Protein Concentrates come in to being and naturally qualifies as an excellent health product. As it has been proved that rice is a possessor of complex carbohydrates, which remain stored in the muscles after intake and get released in the form of energy when needed, Rice Protein Concentrates fare as a favorite among diet-conscious people. In fact, Rice Protein Concentrates contain all the necessary amino acids, and also the essential components like thiamin, iron, phosphorus and potassium, which are needed for the growth of the human body and toning of the muscles. Rice Protein Concentrates are, primarily, a by-product of the rice syrup industry; the leftover of the natural, sugar-transforming enzymatic process. They are available both in liquid and powder forms.

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